Berry Cakes
Berry cakes
Scent Blueberry
Character # 2-002
Series 2
BFF Cindy Cinnamon
Physical and Vital Information
Species Bunny
Gender Female
Food Pancake
Variety Brunch

Berry Cakes is a Brunch Num from Series 2. She is found in mystery packs and the Brunch Bunch starter pack.


She loves to sing even though she's always flat.


Berry Cakes is a light golden-brown stack of pancakes with bunny ears and a melting violet bow. Purple syrup drips down onto her winking face with berries adorning it.


  • In Lip Gloss Truck (Snackables), she saved the Lip Gloss Truck from falling off the counter and did her best to get an Ice Cream from Cherry Scoop


  • Fashion Tag
  • Graphic Tee (Smells Like Happy)
  • 1 Piece Pajamas (Sweet)
  • Watch (Interchangeable Icon)
  • Metal Jewelry Set
  • Light Up Keychain