Berry Gloss-Up
Lipgloss Nom Berry Gloss-Up 163
Scent Strawberry
Character # S1: 163

S2: 2-114

Series 1 and 2
BFF Choco Berry
Physical and Vital Information
Species Unknown
Gender Female
Food Strawberry Soft-Serve Ice Cream
Variety Lip Gloss

Berry Gloss-Up is a Nom from Series 1. She is found only in mystery packs.

In Series 2, she is an exclusive Nom found in the Lipgloss Truck Playset.


S1: She always keeps her cool when she gets in a jam.

S2: She's super shy - she turns bright red when she gets embarrassed.


A strawberry pink soft-serve ice cream scoop with an basic expression. She has a thin cut to show up her Lip Gloss look. She wears a bow on her forehead.


  • Graphics Tee (Spoiled Cotton)
  • 2 Piece Pajamas (Yum)
  • Inner Wear (Girls' Briefs)
  • Free Sticker Sheet (Comes with Inner Wear)


  • She mistakenly used the same desciption as Sherry Berry's in Series 1.
  • She is one of the few Noms to be in 2 Series.