Betty B-Day
Cupcake Num Betty B-Day 122
Scent Birthday Cake
Character # 122
Series 1
BFF Bubbly Go-Go
Physical and Vital Information
Species Bunny
Gender Female
Food Birthday Cake-flavored Cupcake
Variety Cupcake

Betty B-Day is a Special Edition Num from Series 1. She is found in the Confetti Surprise Cupcakes Starter Pack.


She's a party animal - every day is a day to celebrate something!


A vanilla bunny with a bite missing from her right ear. She has a happy expression with closed eyes. On the top of her head is white icing with blue, pink, and orange sprinkles, along with a hot pink bow.


  • Fashion Tag
  • Graphics Tee (Yum)
  • 1 Piece Pajamas (Sweet)
  • Jewelry Accessories Set
  • Charm Bracelet Set
  • Light Up Keychain
  • Pouches/Mini-Purses