Candie Puffs
Cupcake Num Candie Puffs 120
Scent Cotton Candy
Character # 120
Series 1
BFF Bonnie Blueberry
Physical and Vital Information
Species Bear
Gender Female
Food Cotton Candy Cupcake
Variety Cupcake

Candie Puffs is a special edition Num from Series 1. She is found in Mystery Packs and the Birthday Party Pack.


She's a thrill seeker--always the first in line for rides at the carnival.


A split-colored bear. Her right side is sky blue, the left is pink. She has brown eyes and nose, and sticks out her tongue to her nose. She has white cream all over her head.


  • Surprise in a Jar
  • Adhesive Patch
  • Fashion Tag
  • Costume (Style 1)
  • Costume (Style 3)
  • Graphic Tee (Smells Like Happy)
  • Graphic Tee (Spoiled Cotton)
  • Graphic Tee (Yum)
  • Hoodie (Candie Puffs)
  • Dress (Sweet)
  • 2 Piece Pajamas (Yum)
  • 2 Piece Pajamas (Smells Like Happy)
  • 1 Piece Pajamas (Sweet)
  • Inner Wear (Girls' Briefs)
  • Free Sticker Sheet (Comes with Inner Wear)
  • Watch (Normal)
  • Watch (Flip-Top)
  • Watch (Interchangeable Icon)
  • Watch (Touch Watch)
  • Metal Jewelry Set
  • Patch and Pins Set