Choco Cream
Ice Cream Num Choco Cream 142
Scent Chocolate
Character # 142
Series 1
BFF Strawberry Go-Go
Physical and Vital Information
Species Bear
Gender Male
Food Chocolate Ice Cream
Variety Ice Cream

Choco Cream is a Num from Series 1. He is found in Mystery Packs and the Banana Split Ice Cream Starter Pack.


Looking fabulous is a must for him - his pink swirl has to be perfect.


Collector's Guide

Flavorsome Fact: Being fabulous is a must for Choco; his pink swirl must always be perfect. That's why he's nicknamed "Choco Cream-boat".

Cute Quote: "Seven Days without Choco makes one weak."


Choco Swirl is a chocolate ice cream scoop bear Num with a cheerful expression. He has a bunch of pink cream on his head decorated with chocolate sprinkles. His ears poke out of the cream.


  • Graphics Tee (Petal Pink Glitter)
  • Graphics Tee (Cool Like My Friends)


  • His toy form winks and lacks his mouth.


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