Mystery Packs are blind packages that contain a mystery Num, a Nom, and a collectors guide.

Besides the normal Mystery Packs, the first spin-off series was introduced in Series 3, these being light up Num Noms.


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The mystery packs come in a large, serving truck driven by Num Noms. From Series 1 to 3, the Num/Nom came in a yogurt cup shaped container with color accents changing each series.

Starting with Series 4, this has been changed to a smaller vehicle, with them now being in froyo containers.

Starting with Series 3, Mystery Packs started coming out in two waves.

The Light series of Num Noms come in a drink dispenser for a container, and their mystery packs are shaped like small milk cartons. In series 2, a ring base is included to pop the Num and Nom on and wear.

Series 1

Full case of mystery packs

Series 1 Truck

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Series 1 Mystery Pack



Series 2

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Series 2 Truck


Series 2 Mystery Pack


Mystery pack f16 1

Cotton Candy Gloss-Up and Berry Cheesecake


Series 1 Lights


Series 1 Lights Vending Machine

Numnommysterylights 18256.1476890503

Series 1 Lights Mystery Pack


TRUP1006680001 CF0001

Peachy Light-Up and Cherie Gummy


Series 3

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Series 3 Truck

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Series 3.1 Mystery Pack

Nums (3.1)

Nums (3.2)

Noms (3.1)


Cucumber Melon Gloss-Up and Sugar Nana

Noms (3.2)

Series 4

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Series 4 Truck

Numnom41myst 72973.1497627472

Series 4.1 Mystery Pack

Nums (4.1)

Nums (4.2)


Birthday Polish-It and Pinky Bundt

Noms (4.1)

Noms (4.2)

Series 2 Lights

Series 2 Lights Vending Machine

Series 2 Lights Vending Machine

Series 2 Lights Mystery Pack

Series 2 Lights Mystery Pack


Series 2 Lights Mystery Pack Num Noms

Blue Razz Rock Light-Up and Ronda Raspberry plus a Ring


Series 5


Mystery Pack Series 5

Cotton Candy Polish-It and Crunchy Coco



  • The Series 2 and Series 3 Nums here can also be found as the mystery Num in the series 2 Deluxe Packs and in the series 3 Lunch Box Packs, respectively. These only include 1 character, with the exception of Mr. and Mrs. Icing in Series 2.
  • Toy YouTuber pstoyreviews found a defective Series 4.1 mystery pack with W. Melon Delight and no Nom. This is the first and currenty only recorded time of someone finding a defective mystery pack.


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