Nilla Twirl
Ice Cream Num Nilla Twirl 125
Scent Vanilla
Character # 125
Series 1
BFF Choco Go-Go
Physical and Vital Information
Species Bunny
Gender Female
Food Caramel Ice Cream
Variety Ice Cream

Nilla Twirl is a Series 1 Num. She is found in the Neopolitan Ice Cream Starter Pack.


She's so sweet, she has hopped into all of our hearts.


A vanilla bunny with caramel swirls on her. She has a winking face and thin-line smile. She has a pink nose to match her pink bow.


  • She is one of the few Nums with nose or eyes not colored brown. In this case, her nose is pink in her art.
    • However, her toy has a brown nose.
  • Her name is very similar to that of Nilla Swirl.