Noms are the other half of the Num Noms series. Smaller than the Nums, these little creatures combine with them to form many yummy sweets. With their delightful scents and cute designs, collect all the Noms and mix-and-match to your heart's content!

Originally Noms were motorized or contained a lip gloss. As of Series 2 and 3, they can be found as their past types, or as erasers, stamps, or light-ups.

Series 1

Motorized Noms

Banana Go-Go Bubbly Go-Go Caramelly Go-Go Cherry Go-Go
Choco Go-Go Lemony Go-Go Nilla Go-Go Razzberry Go-Go
Strawberry Go-Go Tropical Go-Go Mintee Go-Go

Lip Gloss Noms

Berry Gloss-Up Cherry Gloss-Up Mintee Gloss-Up Nana Gloss-Up
Nilla Gloss-Up Orange Gloss-Up Peachy Gloss-Up

Series 2


Buttery go-go Butterscotch go-go Cheesy go-go Chili go-go Cherry Jelly go-go
Glittery Berry go-go Gingerbread go-go Grape Jelly go-go Icy Berry go-go Icy peach go-go
Icy Piña go-go Jammin' Berry go-go Jammin' Razzy go-go Ketchup go-go Mango Jelly go-go
Peanut Go-Go Pickly go-go Wasabi go-go

Lip Gloss Noms

Berrylicious Gloss-Up Bubbly Gloss-Up Cola Gloss-Up Cotton Candy Gloss-Up
Cucumber Gloss-Up S'mores Gloss-Up Mint Créme Gloss-Up Berry Créme Gloss-Up
Nana Créme Gloss-Up Candy Créme Gloss-Up Cotton Créme Gloss-Up Nilla Créme Gloss-Up

Mr. Icing

Stamp Noms

B-Day Gummy Stamp-it Candy Gummy Stamp-it Caramel Stamp-it Cherry Gummy Stamp-it Lemon Gummy Stamp-it
Mint Gummy Stamp-it Wild Berry Gummy Stamp-it

Eraser Noms

Cotton Candy Pip, Pup, and Pop

Series 3

2 Flavor Gloss-Up

Cherry Vanilla Gloss-Up Orange Piña Gloss-Up Straw-Nana Gloss-Up Cucumber Melon Gloss-Up
Mintberry Gloss-Up Choco-Razz Gloss-Up Van-Berry Gloss-Up Peachy Piña Gloss-Up
Grapple Gloss-Up Blue Razz Gloss-Up Choco S'Mores Gloss-Up Glitter Surprise Gloss-Up


Slice & Wedge Erase-It Pea & Pod Erase-It
Mallow Erase-It Nana Erase-It


Donut Stamp-It Berry Gummy Stamp-It
Melon Gummy Stamp-It Berry Stamp-It
Blueberry Stamp-It Peachy Stamp-It

Light-Up Noms Series 1

Cherry Light-Up Berry Light-Up Kiwi Light-Up
Blueberry Light-Up Orange Light-Up Raspberry Light-Up
Peachy Light-Up Grape Light-Up Bubbly Light-Up
Mintee Light-Up

Series 4

Swirl Candies

Candy Cane Swirl Gloss-Up Bubbly Swirl Gloss-Up Orange Swirl Gloss-Up
Nana Swirl Gloss-Up Blueberry Swirl Gloss-Up Mint Swirl Gloss-Up


B-Day Meringue Gloss-Up Peachy Meringue Gloss-Up Berry Meringue Gloss-Up
Nilla Meringue Gloss-Up Razz Blue Meringue Gloss-Up


Razz Cookie Gloss-Up Berry Cookie Gloss-Up Pippa-Mint Cookie Gloss-Up
Nilla Cookie Gloss-Up Choco Cookie Gloss-Up


Razzy Drop Gloss-Up Bubbly Drop Gloss-Up Orange Drop Gloss-Up
Lemon Drop Gloss-Up Candy Drop Gloss-Up


Cherry Polish-It Berry Polish-It Razzy Polish-It Peachy Polish-It
Lime Polish-It Minty Polish-It Blue Razz Polish-It Blueberry Polish-It
Wildberry Polish-It Nana Polish-It Lemony Polish-It Birthday Polish-It
Orange Polish-It S'mores Polish-It Bubble Polish-It Nilla Polish-It

Lights Series 2

Gem Candy

Cherry Gem Light-Up Bubble Gem Light-Up Grape Gem Light-Up
Mint Gem Light-Up Blueberry Gem Light-Up

Rock Candy

Razz Rock Light-Up Cotton Rock Light-Up Blue Razz Rock Light-Up
Pina Rock Light-Up Orange Rock Light-Up

Series 5


Watermelon Polish-It Lemon Creme Polish-It Grape Polish-It
Mango Polish-It Cotton Candy Polish-It C.C. Polish-It


Raspberry Polish-It Vanilla Polish-It B. Razzy Polish-It
Strawberry Polish-It Very Berry Polish-It


Cool Mint Polish-It Pineapple Polish-It Peach Polish-It
B. Berry Polish-It B-Day Polish-It


Very Cherry Gloss-Up B. Razzy Gloss-Up C.C. Bon Bon Gloss-Up Mango Gloss-Up
Blueberry Gloss-Up Toasty Mallow Gloss-Up Grape Gloss-Up Pineapple Gloss-Up
Sweet Peach Gloss-Up Sugar Cookie Gloss-Up Watermelon Gloss-Up Kiwi Gloss-Up

Lights Series 3

Apple Rock Light-Up Blueberry Rock Light-Up Cotton Candy Gem Light-Up Pineapple Gem Light-Up
Mango Gummy Light-Up Cherry Gummy Light-Up Bubbly Snow Cone Light-Up Minty Snow Cone Light-Up



Chip Gloss-Up

Mystery Sweet Treats

C.C. Gloss-Up Nilla Berry Gloss-Up Berry Vanilla Gloss-Up