Example of Nums

Nums are one half of the Num Noms series. They are larger creatures than the Noms and usually go on top of them. With their delightful scents and cute designs, collect all the Nums and mix-and-match them to your heart's content!

In series 1, Nums are styled after Cupcakes and Ice Cream and were either bunnies or bears.

Series 2 added a variety of foods, from additional ice creams and cupcakes, to more unique varieties like pizza and sushi. The animal species also included Cats, Dogs, Panda Bears, and Raccoons.

In series 3 the variety extends further to include fruits and vegetables, fiesta foods, and tons of candy. A glitter finish has been introduced to regular and special edition Nums, as well as a light-up spin off series and new facial expressions. A monkey Num is added to the list of species.

In Series 4, the brand returned to it's sweet roots to include subcategories within the various types, ranging from cakes, cookies, frozen drinks, and even Pasta dishes. Series 2 of the Lights also return, as well as a new spin-off series known as Snackables Collectable Cereal, a collab set with the frozen yogurt brand Menchies, and special collector sets.

Series 1

Ice Cream Nums

Bailey Bubblegum Berry Scoop Billy Banana Caramel Cream Connie Confetti
Cherry Chip Choco Cream Choco Nilla Lemony Cream Lisa Lemon
Lulu Licorice Minty Chip Nana Berry Neo Trio Nilla Twirl
Orange Cream Orange Sherbet Orange Twirl Peachy Cream Sherry Berry
Strawberry Sprinkles Tango Mango Van Minty

Cupcake Nums

Berry Berry Swirl Betty B-Day Betsy Bubblegum Bonnie Blueberry Candie Puffs Cheery Cherie Cherry Choco Choco Berry
Choco Nana Lemony Burst Minty Swirl Mary Mulberry Mimi Mango Nana Cream Nilla Cream Nilla Swirl
Orange Swirl Patty Peach Pinkie Lemonade Raspberry Cream Red Velvety Sweetie Strawberry Wendy Wild Berry

Series 2

Cupcake and Ice Cream Nums

Berry Cheesecake Berry Twirl Caramelly Shine Cherry Cheesecake Cherry Scoop Choco Swirl
M. Mallow Mint Berry Mint Twirl Nana Splits Nana Swirl Parker Peach
Pepper Minty Shine Pumpkin Spice Sara Strawberry Strawberry Cream Sugar Berry B.B. Scoops
Mint T. Cream Mara Schino Mrs. Icing

Brunch Nums

Becca Bacon Berry Cakes Berry Froyo Berry Waffles Cindy Cinnamon Maple Cakes
Nilla Froyo Strawberry Froyo Sunny Omelette Willy Waffles Flap Jackie Ricky Roll

Pizza Nums

Margo Rita Mozza Rella Peppy Roni Piña Aloha Sammy S'mores Veggie Terry

Sushi Nums

Ama Ebi Ami Avocado Cali Roll Eggbert Tamago Ina Ree Oni Giri
Phili Roll Suki Sake Shin Shiro Tori Toro

Diner Nums

B.L.T. Cassie Cola C.H.Z. Frenchie Curls Frenchie Fries
Hammy Burger Haley Hot Dog Lemony Cola Melty Burger P.B.N.J.

Fair Food Nums

Annie Apple Berry Puffs Cara Mellie Momma Corn Nana Puffs
Papa Corn Pinky Puffs Sugar Puffs Auntie Corn Twinzy Puffs

Freezie Pop Nums

Creamy Pop Grape Soda Pop Kiwi Freezie Lemony Pop Mellie Pop
Nana Pop OJ Pop Strawberry Pop Tropi-Cali Pop Wild Berry Freezie
Bubbly Pop Nea Pop

Jelly Bean Nums

Bubbly Jelly Blueberry Jelly Confetti Jelly Cream Berry Jelly Grape Jelly
Kiwi Jelly Mallow Jelly Orange Jelly Piña Jelly Raspberry Jelly
Cotton Jelly

Series 3

Glazed Donuts

Cory Custard Cherry Ann Sophia Strawberry Mac Minty Wanda Wildberry
Maple Sugars Orange Glaze Valerie Vanilla Powdered Sugars Razzi Berry
Lemony Glaze Choco Sprinkles Sprinkles Donut Sugary Glaze

Fresh Fruits

Oscar Orange Zane Zest Georgia Peach
Victor Vines Piney Apple Melony Seeds
Becky Banana Coco Cali Sadie Seeds
Stew Tomato Cyrus Citrus Ava Apple


Eda Mama Bunny Carrot Carrie Corn
Paula Pumpkin Emma Eggplant Coolie Cucumber


Maya Mallow

Minty Mallow B. Berry Mallow Toasty Mallow
Sara S'mores Bella Bubblegum C.C Candy Cocoa Mallow
Softy Mallow Strawberry Mallow Rachel Raspberry Sugar Nana
Marsha Violet Blue Barry

Hard Candies

Sparkle Mellie Suzy Stripes Sugar Stripes Courtney Candy Candy Hearts
Tina Tangerine Rockie S. Berry Crystal W. Berry Nana Hearts Lily Lemony
Gabby Grape Peyton Peppermint Mia Mango Brooklyn Blue Swirls Lolly

Rainbow Pop

Fiesta Foods

Flower Tortilla Cinna Churro Cheesy Burrito
Tasty Taco Berry Churro

Lights Series 1

Snow Cones

Chloe Cola Gracie Grape Peachy Icy Key Lime Icy
Lemonade Icy

Triple Berry Icy

Candy Sparkle Snow Apple Icy
Nea Snow Trio Glow Cone Bubblegum Slushy Strawberry Snow


Piña Gummy Sparkle Berry Gummy C.C Sugar Gummy Orange Sugar Gummy
Cherie Gummy Juicy Gummy Madelyn Mango Glitter Berry
Raz Sugar Sparkle Blueberry Bubble Gummy Grape Gummy

Freezie Pops

Cherry Freezie Orange Freezie Pineapple Pop
Apple Pop Grape Freezie Blue Razz Pop

Series 4


Sugar Wafer Latte Crisp Willow Wafer Sprinkle Berry
Orange Crunch Minty Crisp Rainbow Crumb Confetti Cookie
Chucky Chip Mintee Chip Strawberry Chip Blueberry Oats
Cookie S'mores Candy Karma Choco Fortune Goodie Luck
Lucky Choco Delish Destiny

Fancy Cakes

Bubble Duchess Lady Sugarette Violet Contessa Lacy Cake
Princess Buttercream Goldie Cake Peachy Kim Angel Cake
Mint T Cake Pinky Bundt Banana Crumbles Angel Foodie
Velvety Cake Mable Marble Cottony Cakes

Creme Filled

S.B. Snacks Madelyn Macaron Jan-illa Creme B-day Sprinkled
Tia Tea-Time Jan Jam-Filled Pink-Ade Macaron Trois Treats
Mango Macaron Lemons Pink Fill Wintergreen Creme Jazzy Razzwich
Sugar Creme Terry Berrywich IC Sandwich Dollop Cottonwich


Hottie Chocolate Nilla Whip Chocolatey Cocoa Berries N Creme
Mocha Frappe Autumn Spice Citrus Blizzard Berry Blizzard
Peach Frosty Mint Shake Nilla Shake Choco-Mint Froyo
Razzy Froyo Charlotte Choco Berry Sherbet Gigi Gelato
Mango Sherbet Sprinkles Froyo Heavenly Froyo

Baked Goods

Chocoberry Pie Nana Creme Pie Lime Custard Choco A La Mode
Cheri Crisp Blueberry Pie Puddin' Pie Berry Glazed
Citrus Glazed Peach Drizzle Barry Donut Cotton Candy Donut


Lizzie Lasagna Hearty Spaghetti Mac A Roni

Lights Series 2

Gummy Bear

Cherry Tart O.J. Bear Pina Bear
Sour Apple Bear B. Razz Bear B.B. Bear
Cake Bear Queen Razz Bear Angel Bubble
Chewy Choco Princess C.C.

Hard Candy

Cher Candied W. Melon Delight Cotton Candied
Orange Sweets Polly Pucker-Up Grape Goody
Blu Razzy Gaby Goody

Rock Candy

Cherie Candy Poppy Pop Grape Rocks
Razz Rock Bridget Banana Crystal Liza

Striped Candy

Ronda Raspberry Kora Kiwi Clara Candy
Spiral Pop Ribbon Lolly Carol Candy Cane


Cherry Slushy Melon Freeze C.C. Slurp
O.J. Juicy Pina Juicy Grapey Juicy
Lemonade Frost

Series 5

Jelly Rolls

Berry Jelly Roll Orangie Jelly Roll Razzy Spiral
Shannon S'mores Straw-Kitty Le' Monade Jelly Roll
Berry Cake Roll Cookie Cake Roll Princess B.G. Jelly Roll
Princess C.C. Jelly Roll Key Lime Roll Princess B-Day Jelly Roll


Penelope Pumpkin Birthday Bernadette Berry Bella
Coreen Croissant Caramel Croissant Choco Croissant
Monsieur Butter


Stephanie Sprinkles Choco Swirl Crepe Nilla Creme Choco Crepe
Mango Madison Sweet Berry Crepe Creamy Naners Rosie Raspberry
Zesty Zoey Blueberry Becca Crepe

Bread Rolls

Cocoa Roll Lemon Poppy Tropical Sweetie Nana Bread
Raisin Roll Lorelai Lattice Nilla Dough Razzy Loaf
Rich Roll Megan Mallow Roll

Marble Ice Cream

Melissa Marble Oliver Orange Wildberry Whirl C.C. Marble
Teddy Twirl Mango Marble Minty Marble Strawberry Sundae
S'mores Sundae Trio Scoop

Marshmallow Squares

Sasha S'mores Crunchy Coco Brandy Berry Nancy Neapolitan Bubble Crunch
Sprinkle Crunch C.C. Treat Nana Sprinkle Treat Sprinkle Berry Treats Frosted Caramel
Sugar Mint C.C. Crunch Krispy Kaitlyn Razzy Dip Treat

Lights Series 3

Gum Drops

Nana Gum Drop Razzy Rita S. Berry Drop O.J. Gum Drop
Blue Razzy Gum Drop Gracie Grape Mango Melody Lemon Pop Drop

Fancy Jellies

Brenda Banana Lady Lemonade Fancy C.C. Mindy Mango
Key Lime Jelly Paisley Peach Bubble Gum Blanche Royal Razzy

Jelly Beans

Cotton Candy Jelly Melanie Melon B. Berry Jelly B-Day Jelly
Melissa Mango Piney Patty Reagan Raspberry Kendra Kiwi

Jelly Cups

Claire Cherry Bubbly Bridgette Sprinkle Razz Octavia Orange
Frosted Pink-Ade Apple Tart Jelly Cindy Citrus Wildberry Jelly

Series 6


Hannah Flana Fiona Flipover CC Flanders Flantasy Berry
Mango Jiggle Cream E. Custard Coco Custard Mint E. Jiggle
Savannah Flana Nancy Flancy Smores Wiggle Mallow Flip



Barry Menchie Mellow

Mystery Sweet Treats

Wild Wally Autumn Cream C.C. Splits Rylee Razzy
Sweetie S'mores Prescious Peach Swirly Shirley Mystery Monica
Velvet Stripes Mango Sparkle Ice Cream Sammy Pinky Mallow
Miley Mallow Citrus Pop Bubbly Pop Berry Pop
Lemon Pop Sugar Jelly Pineapple Jelly C.C. Puffs
Bubbly Puffs Priscilla Peach