Patty Peach
Cupcake Num Patty Peach 108
Scent Peach
Character # 108
Series 1
BFF Peachy Gloss-Up
Physical and Vital Information
Species Bear
Gender Female
Food Peach Cupcake
Variety Cupcake

Patty Peach is a Num from Series 1. She is found in the Mystery Packs.


She gets a warm, fuzzy feeling when she's around her friends.


A cream-colored bear with a silly expression composed of her sticking out her tongue with a scrunched up mouth. Her toy form lacks the mouth and has a basic expression. She has very pale cream-colored icing on the top of her head with light orange sprinkles on her back.


  • There was a minor artwork error of her on the website: Her mouth was crooked a bit.
  • Her toy form lacks her mouth and tongue.


  • Scented Nail Polish
  • Snap Clips Set