Peachy Light-Up
LightUp Nom Peachy.jpg
Scent Peach
Character # 126
Series 1 Lights
BFF Peachy Icy
Physical and Vital Information
Species Bear Nom
Gender Female
Food Peach Gummy
Variety Light Up

Peachy Light-Up is a Nom from Series 1 Lights.


She always rushes towards the light at the end of the tunnel.


A sparkling peach gummy Nom. She has tiny bear ears, a bow, and basic expression. Yellow and hot pink light emits from her.


  • She is Not To Be Confused With Bubbly Light-Up In The Snackables Webseries.
    • The Only Difference is that She is Peach Colored, and She Had Red and Yellow Light Colors, Not Yellow and Blue.
  • Her Toy Form Color is Orange.


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