Sherry Berry
Ice Cream Num Sherry Berry 136
Scent Strawberry
Character # 136
Series 1
BFF Orange Gloss-Up
Physical and Vital Information
Species Bear
Gender Female
Food Strawberry Ice Cream
Variety Ice Cream

Sherry Berry is a Num from Series 1. She is found in the Tutti Frutti Ice Cream starter pack.


She always keeps her cool when she gets in a jam.


A strawbrry ice cream scoop bear Num with a happy expression. She has a darker pink dollop of cream on the top of her head with some dripping down her head. Her ears are made out from waffles with one having a bite out of it.


  • Graphics Tee (Petal Pink Glitter)
  • Graphics Tee (Cool Like My Friends)


  • She shares her description with Series 1's Berry Gloss-Up.
  • Her toy form lacks her mouth.