Examples of Starter Packs from Series 3

Starter Packs are small sets of Num Noms that make a "complete dish". In each pack are 3 Nums and 1 Nom that can be stacked and assembled in any way, or combined with other sets. Along with each set is a dish to set the Num Noms in, along with an utensil. 

Series 1

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Confetti Surprise Series 1 Starter Pack


Series 1 includes three individual Starter Packs for both of the Num types. These include:

  • Neopolitan (Ice Cream) - Spoon and ice cream cone included
  • Tutti Frutti (Ice Cream) - Spoon and ice cream dish included
  • Banana Split (Ice Cream) - Spoon and waffle cup included

Special Edition

Series 1 also includes a Special Edition Starter Pack. This is:

Series 2


Brunch Bunch Series 2 Starter Pack


Series 2 includes individual Starter Packs for most of the Num types (excluding Sushi), rather than a few varieties. These include:

  • Freezie Pops (Freezie Pop) - Spoon and translucent tray included
  • Pizza Party (Pizza) - Pizza cutter and pizza box included
  • Brunch Bunch (Brunch) - Spatula and skillet included
  • Jelly Bean (Jelly Bean) - Scoop and candy jar included
  • Diner (Diner) - Spatula and food tray included
  • Ice Cream Party (Ice Cream) - Spoon and ice cream dish included
  • Fun Fair Treats (Fair Foods) - Fork and food tray included

Special Edition

Series 2 also includes Special Edition Starter Packs. There are:

Series 3


Hard Candies Series 3 Starter Pack

Wave 1 (Series 3)

Series 3 includes individual Starter Packs for some of the Num types (excluding Veggies and Fiesta Food) rather than a few varieties. These include:

Wave 2 (Series 3.1)

Series 3 also brought a second wave of Starter Packs, listed as Series 3.1. There are:

Series 4

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Ice Cream Sandwiches Series 4 Starter Pack

Wave 1 (Series 4.1)

Series 4 includes individual Starter Packs that sometimes mix up different varieties of Nums, and sometimes has one Num type. It brought two waves, starting with Series 4.1. These include:

Wave 2 (Series 4.2)

Series 4's second wave of Starter Packs are listed as Series 4.2. There are:

  • Snack Break (Creme Filled/Creamery/Cookie) - Scoop and cup included
  • Princess Cakes (Creme Filled/Fancy Cakes) - Server and cake stand included
  • Frosted Donuts (Baked Good) - Scoop and cupcake liner included
  • Bundt Cakes (Fancy Cakes) - Server and cake stand included

Series 5

Series 5 Jelly Rolls

Series 5 Jelly Rolls Starter Pack

Wave 1

Series 5 includes individual Starter Packs that focus on specific categories rather than a few varieties. These include:



Menchies Series-less Starter Pack

Special Edition

For a limited time, a Toys R Us only Starter Pack that is part of a collaboration with the frozen yogurt brand Menchies was released. It comes with three exclusive Nums, 1 exclusive Nom, and a cup and spoon styled after Menchies.

Num-Nom fans can also obtain special Num-Nom themed cups at certain Menchies locations.

  • Menchies (Frozen Yogurt/Marshmallow/Fruit) - Spoon and fro-yo cup included


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Back of Series 2 Starter Pack showing an unreleased Sushi Box Starter Pack

Sushi Box (Image By

A picture showing what the sushi box pack could've looked like.

Series 2

  • There is an unreleased Series 2 Starter Pack called the Sushi Box.


Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4


Series 5