Sunny Omelette
Sunny omelette
Scent Egg
Character # 2-005
Series 2
BFF Eggbert Tamago
Physical and Vital Information
Species Bear
Gender Female
Food Egg
Variety Brunch

Sunny Omelette is a Num from Series 2. She is found in the Brunch Bunch Deluxe Pack.


She's always cracking up at egg-cellent puns.


Flavorsome Fact: This little Num sees the sunny side of life. She loves hanging with her BFF, Eggbert, and always cracks up listening to his egg-cellent puns.

Cute Quote: "Guess I must be pretty talented because I often hear the other Nums calling me egg-straordinary."


A yellow bear with no mouth and a winking eye. She has an egg shell covering her and wears a light red bow.